Our Process

Our ciders begin and end with one thing: Apples

Not the apples from the grocery store, or the fancy tree in Nana's back yard, but wild uncultivated apples.

Each apple tree in our forests is unique, producing a wide variety of flavours. Some trees produce every year while others are biennial, meaning they only produce apples once every two years. We do not spray or fertilize the apple trees, leaving them to grow naturally, and sustainably.




Our process is simple but slow

We get one chance a year to harvest our apples and press our juice. We get one chance a year to bring you a cider like none other.

So, to share the unique flavour of our apples with you, we refuse to add  anything other than apples (and, occasionally other fruit grown on our farm) to our ciders: no sulphites, no finings, no packaged yeasts. Nothing.

We like to be different, and try different things. So some of our ciders are sparkling, some are still, some may be barrel aged, some not. We will always be experimenting; striving for the best cider we can make.




 The Result

What this means for our cider is that no two batches are the same. Every cider is unique; as unique as the apples on our farm. And, while this means that we cannot duplicate a batch, it means there will always be something new to experience.

What you can expect is clean, pure, guilt-free cider.