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Brooker's Cider

2022 Batch 2 Sparkling Ciderkin

2022 Batch 2 Sparkling Ciderkin

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500 ml, 4% alc./vol.

Our 2022 Sparkling Ciderkin is is fruity and dry. This one is a real crowd pleaser and won't last long. It is made with a blend of our own certified organic wild apples. 

Traditionally ciderkin was the cider the workers made for themselves out of the leftover pomace. The low alcohol drink was refreshing and safer and cleaner than water to drink. 

We make our Ciderkin by rehydrating the pomace after their first pressing and pressing it again the next day. It is allowed to ferment slowly like all our ciders. We then added local honey at bottling to allow it to naturally carbonate.

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