About Us

From our family to yours:

In 2016, we became a family, and in 2017, with a new baby, we outgrew our cramped city life, so we moved to the country seeking space to set our roots and grow.

Transplanting ourselves from city to country came with its fair share of shock. Learning what to do when you find yourself being drenched with water from a broken pipe in the barn in -28 degrees Celsius made us question our life choices. But, the grass beneath our feet, the breezes of fresh air, the incredible skies, and chickens clucking about quickly remind us why we made the move.

Since this land welcomed our family in 2017, we have spent many wondrous moments in it's wild apple forest; and with every tree, just as every moment, we experience a new flavour; sometimes sweet, sometimes sour and sometimes bitter.

So we are taking these flavours, blending them together to create different experiences for you to enjoy. With our ciders we would like to share each and every moment, every apple with you; the sweet, the sour and the bitter.

Farm grown and nothing more, full of life and good to the core.


Craig and Kayla Brooker